About Us

Nox Apparel was founded by 3 friends who had a passion for fitness and fashion. Have you ever heard the saying "look good, feel good?" Here at Nox, we believe that saying applies everywhere, including the gym. Currently, Nox specializes in women's apparel and will be moving into men's apparel later in 2018.  A common problem at the gym for women working out is the lack of pockets in most leggings on the market. We noticed women have to continuously put their phones' on the ground during their lifts because they have no pockets on their leggings. The lightbulb went off! Why don't women have pockets built into their leggings?! This is how NOX was created... We found a simple solution for a problem that millions of women experience daily. From the Pocket Leggings to the Push-up Leggings and everything in between, never worry about sacrificing looking good or being comfortable again! Nox Apparel: Look good. Feel good.